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Our new client, NYC Vanity, on TechCocktail! Check out Founder, Brandon Kelly's Sassy yet Simple Sty

“I like to wear clean lined black pants while working from home. Something about wearing pants makes me feel like I’m ready for anything. When I am in my home office I dress like an anchor during the day, which is to say, I wear a really nice top and a simple black pant. When I am not working on new designs or out promoting The Palit, much of my day to day work requires that I be prepared to stop what I am doing at any moment and hop on a Skype interview or quickly generate a vblog, as such it is important that, from the waist up, I look professional and camera ready.” – Brandon Kelly, Founder and CEO at NYCVanity

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.34.02 PM.png

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